Our roadmap was constantly churning which prevented any kind of planning ahead so I offered up bringing user data into the conversation. This allowed us to slow the churn which enabled us to plan ahead better.

 Participant Breakdown

Participant Breakdown


  • Screener questions to find the right participants.

    • 588 Took screener; Passed and gathered data from 61

  • 27 Different features with one sentence description.

  • 3 Questions associated with each feature

  • Categorized each feature into a Kano Bucket

  • 6 Additional insights

  • Paired with qualitative data from interviews that included the same Kano Survey

  • Reviewed with Stakeholders



The study facilitated the conversation around how do we leap frog the competition and we made it a goal to balance our releases with "must have"(table stakes) and "attractive"(participants wanted but could or was living without) features. We ended up moving items out of our 60-90 roadmap into the backlog and moved others from the backlog to be planned for beta/GA.

 Blurred out roadmap after being assigned Kano category.

Blurred out roadmap after being assigned Kano category.

Lessons learned

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My Booster Conference talk on this subject