I live for the fuzzy front end of design problems. There is nothing I enjoy more than making sense out of ambiguity.

I am currently cutting my teeth as a Design Lead in IBM’s Cloud Data and AI organization. Up until the end of 2018 when I started as design lead I was a Design Researcher at IBM for 3 years where I learned how to ensure the users voice is heard while we designed our Enterprise level applications. I spent my first 1.5 years at IBM as a UX Designer working on IBM's Application Performance Monitoring products. Before IBM I graduated with a degree in Industrial Design after learning about it via my passion for cars and car design. My time at the Savannah College of Art and Design also introduced me to Service Design which has inspired me to think holistically in everything I do. 


Starting in December of 2018 I took over as design lead of the project that became IBM Cloud Pak Experiences after the previous lead left. The team was built up to include 3 UX Designers, a Visual Designer, and help from part time Content Design and Research. It has gone through multiple iterations but in the next few weeks we will go live with a large redesign lead by me.

As part of the Hybrid Cloud Design Research team I have been able to expand my research toolkit more than I could have even hoped for. Before joining the team the majority of my research experience was based in qualitative research, but the quantitative research that I have been able to conduct has been hugely influential. So far I have been able to conduct studies with 300+ participants with various techniques. Here are a few examples (Edited for Intellectual property reasons)...

I attended the Savannah College of Art and Design from 2009-2013 studying Industrial Design and Service Design.